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Welcome to Children’s Outreach Ministries! We hope you find our website helpful and informative when deciding upon a quality childcare program. COM is a licensed childcare center through the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. We are also inspected and registered with the State Fire Marshall, Putnam County Health Department, and Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition.

We encourage you to explore the opportunities of our programs. If you would like to tour our facility, please contact the Director to schedule an appointment. 304.562.9170.

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The Children’s Outreach Ministries encompass the Early Education and School Age Programs. These programs operate as non-profit programs through Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church under the direct governance of the Children’s Outreach Ministries Board of Directors.

The Children’s Outreach Ministries programs are licensed by the State of West Virginia, meeting the health and safety standards as required by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services and the State Licensing Board. Our licensing capacity is for 155 children. We have liability insurance through a local agency. The Children Outreach Ministries does not provide medical coverage.

This facility is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, and the practice of this policy is demonstrated through equal treatment in regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, and age or marital status of parents. If a child with extenuating circumstances or needing special care wishes to enter the program, his/her case will be decided at the discretion of the Program Director. Depending on the particular situation, it may be referred to the Children’s Outreach Ministries Board of Directors.

Home Wedding Guidelines

Wedding Guidelines

A church wedding is a service of worship. When two persons enter into Christian marriage they commit their lives to each other as well as enter into a holy promise with God. The promise symbolizes the union which exists between Christ and the church. A church wedding should be entered in to with the utmost reverence and discretion. It is the desire of this church and staff that every church wedding be profoundly spiritual in nature and memorable in beauty. The following guidelines help insure that end.


The Pastor is concerned about you and your marriage plans, and would like the opportunity to talk with you and the meaning of marriage, plans for your marriage and your future as husband and wife. You will want to arrange with an appointment with the pastor as soon as possible. A date for the wedding will be set only after consultation with the pastor. You should contact the pastor directly for an appointment. All weddings should be scheduled as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Because of regular church programs, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon weddings are discouraged. Weddings should not conflict with regular church activities or special programs.


The pastor/s presently appointed as pastor at FBMUMC, or one of the other clergy related to FBMUMC through the Charge Conference, will officiate at all weddings. Other clergy may assist in the service, with the approval of the officiating minister.


Because our organ is an excellent and expensive instrument, we do not permit persons unfamiliar with its operation to play it. The church organist can be used for all weddings, unless the organist is unavailable on the desired date. If the organist is not available, the organist will recommend a suitable organist. Although there are not restrictions on those playing the piano or singing, care should be given as to ability and suitability of music. If the couple decides to use a tape to accompany vocal selections, someone is needed to operate the soundboard.


No decorations may be fastened to walls or furniture. All decorations shall be removed immediately following the wedding unless other arrangements have been made. Since so much beauty and symbolism exists in the church, a simple flower arrangement placed on the altar between the two candles is adequate. No decorations or candles should be placed on the organ or piano. We suggest that decorations be simple and be kept at a minimum.


Recording, and Videotaping: Professional photographers should be notified in advance that no flash pictures are to be made after the wedding has begun. Time exposures may be taken from the rear of the sanctuary, provided it is done quietly. Photographs may be taken before and/or after the ceremony. Photographers are not permitted in the chancel area during the ceremony. Videotaping may be done from the chancel area or from the rear of the sanctuary, with the stipulation that only stationary videotaping is permitted.


It is important that all participants including groomsmen, bridesmaids, grandparents, musicians, and videographers be present for the rehearsal. The officiating minister will direct the rehearsal and wedding. In case of questions about the service, the minister shall consult with the bride and groom. The wedding consultant shall work with the minister to see that families are seated in the proper order, that the bridal procession moves smoothly, and that after the ceremony, families are escorted out of the sanctuary.


The Fellowship Hall is available for receptions. Arrangements for table and chairs and other equipment should be determined in advance to allow the reception to flow smoothly. The United Methodist Women may be contacted to provide a reception. If a Caterer is used, they must furnish all dishes and materials used and clean up after the reception. Every precaution must be taken to protect the church’s furnishings.


It is necessary for the custodial care during weddings to be sure that church is left in good order for the next day’s activities and to be sure that church is locked for the evening.


  1. Rice or birdseed shall not be thrown in the church.
  2. Only silk flowers petals shall be dropped by the flower girl.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed on church property.
  4. The bride is responsible for notifying all persons in the wedding party, as well as professional people, of the church wedding guidelines.
  5. Caterers should contact the church office not less than two weeks before the wedding to confirm final details.


All fees for the use of the church facilities shall be paid when the wedding is scheduled. Fees for the minister, organist, custodian, and sound technician shall be paid prior to the wedding. There is no charge for facility use for members of FBMUMC.


  • Minister – $150
  • Organist/Pianist – Will quote fee
  • Sanctuary – $300
  • Fellowship Hall – $100
  • Wedding Coordinator – $150
  • Sound Technician – $50


  • Sanctuary – $50
  • Fellowship Hall/Rehearsal Dinner – $100
  • Fellowship Hall/Reception – $100


Included with these Guidelines is a copy of the Wedding Service from our United Methodist Book of Worship. It is one that is hallowed by long tradition, and is reverent, meaningful, and beautiful. You may want to ask persons to read scripture or a special poem or reading. If there are children from previous marriages, you may wish to offer them special tokens of love and family. Changes in the service are permitted only after consultation with the officiating minister.