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On May 17, 2015 Forrest Burdette celebrated its 100th Anniversary. It was a great day to celebrate the past history of the church and look forward to the next 100 years. The past is well documented as a great journey of determined, visionary, and committed faithfulness and ministry by this congregation that was “blessed to be blessing” to Hurricane and the world. Countless persons have come to know Jesus Christ, grown in their faith, and invested themselves in a variety of ministries near and far because of this congregation. Strategically located near the center of town, the church intentionally has seen itself as the spiritual center of the community. As the congregation grew so did the facilities, as ministries were expanded to meet ever growing and changing needs. The Children’s Outreach Ministries and the Community Cupboard are just two shining examples.

handAs we begin the next 100 years, the assessment of future ministries opportunities and needs has given us the vision of the addition of a Family Life Center, a larger church kitchen, and additional space for Sunday School as well as the Children’s Outreach Ministry (coupled with added security). Reach: Joining Hands, Touching Hearts, Giving Hope is the theme for capital stewardship campaign to help us reach forward as we begin our next century. It is time to expand our ministries and the additional church and community meeting space will help our church continue growing and reaching new disciples. This is a great opportunity to expand our capabilities as a 7 day a week church for the community as a place of worship, study, and service in the name of Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity we do not want to miss or be hesitant. We are being challenged to commit to a new level of faith, service, and love, reaching forward.

The leadership team has been hard at work putting together plans to help us reach our goal. Wisely, church leaders have continued to affirm the need to have at least 40% of the needed funds in hand before construction begins. With the just over $900,000 in hand, Reach will enable us to go far beyond what is needed to begin the $3.4 million project, so that we will not miss this present opportunity nor have a burdensome debt in years to come for the church which could cripple ministries. It will take the commitment of each of us to step out in faith to reach our goal. God has blessed us with the capability to do so.

Throughout its history, Forrest Burdette has been blessed with a congregation of determination, foresight, and commitment who have been willing to take the necessary steps to advance the witness of Jesus Christ. The baton has been passed to us for this “leg” of the race.
We have been “blessed to be a blessing.”

Grace & freedom,

Reach: Joining Hands, Touching Hearts, Giving Hope

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